Digital Marketing Overview: History and Strategies Explained

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is promoting or advertising products, services, or brands through digital platforms like Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), Email, and Mobile Apps. In other words, any form of online marketing connected via the world wide web(Internet) is considered digital marketing. This article will try to understand the online digital marketing process and strategy.

Why is Online Digital Marketing Required?

In the current era, everyone is connected to the Internet through different-different digital channels. According to Zipia, 4.9 billion people use the Internet around the world. It is 62% of the global population.

People are interested in something other than buying products or services by going to the market shop. They want all things at their home. Because of this, they are searching for any need on the Internet. We can say that digital marketing is required to deliver goods and services at customer locations.

Background of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was first introduced to the market in 1990. The first clickable ads appeared in 1994. But at that time, internet users' numbers are a little. In the 2000s, internet users are increasing, and customers start searching the products online first.

Digital Marketing Pillars

There are mainly two pillars of digital marketing online and offline marketing. Here we will discuss online digital marketing tactics or strategies.

Online Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization: This strategy increases the website's visibility or ranking in the search engine for particular search queries.
  • Social Media Optimization: This marketing strategy works in real-time because 72% of online customers are available on social media channels.
  • Email Marketing: This type of marketing helps you send a commercial message to a group of people via email. The primary motive of this strategy is to build trust and brand awareness.
  • Paid Advertising: This marketing is also known as sponsored advertising. Digital marketing agencies help you to find the best area of paid advertising.
  • Affiliates Marketing: This type of marketing works as a commission base. If you generate a lead or sell a product or business at your digital channel or website, you can get the commission as an incentive.

Offline Digital Marketing

  • Marketing on TV Channels: This is the most popular digital marketing strategy in the current era, but the cost of this type of advertising is very high. Through this marketing, you connect with your customer through Television.
  • Digital LED on Highways or Streets: This strategy is mainly used on Railway stations, Airports, Highways, and streets. Here you see the advertisement on the LED screen.
  • Radio Marketing: This marketing has been an intelligent move in recent years. People spend an average of 90 minutes daily listening to the radio because they don't have time to watch TV or on the Internet.
  • Phone Call & Message Marketing: This is an intelligent marketing move; if you have a database of customer phone numbers, you can reach them easily.
Shishir Goel

Shishir Goel

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