What to do if your website spam scores more than 10%?

Here I explain what you can do if your website spam score exceeds 10%. A high website spam score can harm your online presence. In this article, I will explain everything, like the reason for spam score, how to check spam, etc., and what action you can take.

Spam Score

Firstly, you will need to understand what a spam score is. The spam score is the metric used by Moz.com to calculate the spammy backlinks to point to your website. The score is between 1-100. But search engines like Google do not validate this spam score.

How to Check Spam Score

You can sign up to moz.com and use their extension MozBar. You can download the extension from Google Chrome Store. When you open any webpage and click on the Moz extension, you will see your domain's page authority, domain authority and spam score.
Note: The MozBar extension only works in Google Chrome.

For Example: If your website has 4 pages with 40%, 20%, 50%, and 30% spam socre then your domain spam score would be: (40+20+50+30)/4 = 30%

Reasons for Spam Score

There are many reasons and signals that Moz considered a spammy website and gave them a score.

  • Top Level Domains like .download, .stream, .xyz, etc.
  • Domain Name Length: If your domain name is more than 15 characters, the Moz count is spam.
  • Domain Contain Numerical Character: If your website contains numerical characters like abc123.com. It will also be a count-spammy website.
  • Hyphens in Domain Name: Using hyphens in your domain name will also be counted as spam websites. For Example digital-appear.com
  • Backlinks from Spam Website: If your website gets backlinks from spammy websites, then your spam score increased
  • Security Issue: If your website doesn't have a valid HTTPS, it will be found as spam.

How Spam score loss your website reputation

A high spam score negatively impacts your visitors and causes a loss of your website reputation in several ways

  • User Trust: Users know about online threats, scams, and low-quality websites. Flaming a website will create credibility and reliability issues for your customers' services and products.
  • Search Engine Ranking: If your website increases a high spam score, you will suddenly notice that your keyword ranking is down.
  • Backlink Profile: Google considers the quality and relevance of backlinks when determining a website's authority.

Action to Take Reduce Your Website Spam Score

  • First, Don't buy TLD domains.
  • Check your domain characters length when registering your domain at GoDadyy.com or anywhere.
  • Remove your spammy backlinks:
    1. Request another site: According to Google, if your website has an unnatural link because of paid links or link schemes, then coordinate with the site admin to remove those links from their website immediately.
    2. Disavow Spammy Links: If the user does not agree to remove those links, you can disavow your backlink using Google Disavow Tool. Before using this tool, you must make sure these links are unnatural. If you need to gain knowledge about search engine optimization, then take the SEO expert's help. He helps you find which link is spam or not.
Shishir Goel

Shishir Goel

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